Faculty/Staff Directory
Note: All email addresses end with "@fayette.k12.in.us" and the school phone number is 765-825-1151.

Name & Department


Phone Extension

Glenn Arndt, Math garndt 24259
Audrey Burke Arvai, Journalism aburke  24113
Trisha Austerman, Bookkeeper tausterman 24321
Ann Baumer, Math Dept. Chair
abaumer 24260
Steven Beckman, English  sbeckman 24120
Emily Bell, Guidance Secretary ebell 24329
Julie Bell, Guidance (10th & 12th grade counselor)
juliebell 24326
Logan Boggs, English  lboggs  24163
Chris Bottomley, Ivy Tech Academic Advisor cbottomley 25498
Kathleen Boyer, Art Dept. Chair kboyer 24194
Kerry Brown, Social Studies kerryb 24108
Kelsey Browne, World Languages
kbrowne 24225
Kayla Burch, Science  kburch 24270
Janet Cain, Art
jcain 24191
Kathy Caldwell, Library Secretary kcaldwel 24421
Amy Carnes, JAG  acarnes   24167
Amanda Combs, Math  acombs 24261
Jeff Cooley, PE/Health Dept. Chair jcooley 24226
Chris Dalrymple, Science
cdalrymple 24274
Mark Cox, Head Custodian  mcox  24681 
Joy Davis, Special Education  jdavis  24189
Laura Davis, English Dept. Chair ldavis 24201
Tim Davis, Special Education tdavis   24122
Stacie Howard Day, Science  showard  24227
Chris Diercks, Social Studies
cdiercks 24109
Maria Douglass, Health Assistant  mddouglass  24223
Brent Duncan, Athletic Director blduncan 22900
Kim Duncan, Math  kduncan  24262
Kelly Dungan, Science  kdungan  24205
Judith Echano-Medina, World Languages Dept. Chair
jechanomedina 24220
Samantha Floyd, English  sfloyd 24176
Crystal Frank, Guidance (ECHS counselor)  cfrank 24327
Sara Franklin, Business sfranklin 24231
Kelly Gettinger, School Nurse kgettinger 24223
Kim Giesting, Library Media Specialist kgiestin 24422
Maurice Green, Math and Science & Science Dept. Chair mgreen 24275
Daniel Haffner, Math
dhaffner 24181
Jaime Hamm, Guidance (9th and 11th grade counselor) & Dept. Chair
jhamm 24325
Michelle Harter, Special Education  mharter 24232
Eilish Harmeyer, FACS  eharmeyer 24107
Mandy Harvey, Athletic Secretary  mharvey  22901
David Hobson, Engineering and Technology Dept. Chair
dhobson 24016
Jeramie Horn, Social Studies jhorn 24115
Chad House, Special Education  rhouse  24233
Kelli House, PE/Health 
khouse 24020
Dawn Hughes, Receptionist dhughes 24300
Janine Hurd, CPL  jhurd 24208
JAG Classroom  acarnes 24167
Sydnee Jobe, Television/Media  stoschlog  24723
Randal Judd, Principal rgjudd 24222
Adam Kelly, Health
akelly 24111
Jason Krause, Special Education  jasonkrause  24183
Amanda Lancaster, Secretary alancaster 24328
Michael Lathery, Science  mlathery 24265
Scarlett Lux, Special Education
slux 24227
Rebekkah Marschard, Educational Assistant   rmarschand  24227
Kelly McKaig, Math kmckaig 24184
Amy McMillan, Executive Secretary
 Meridian Services    24255
Jamie Messer, Educational Assistant (Job Coach) jmesser 24228
Bryan Mitchell, Social Studies bmitchell 24121
Zachary Morgan, PE Educational Assistant    24226
Eric Myers, Mathematics emyers 24182
Gabe Nobbe, Agriculture Dept. Chair
gnobbe 24010
Ron Paxton, Special Education Dept. Chair rpaxton 24162
Elizabeth Pennington, Special Education epennington 24228
Crystal Phelps, Mathematics cphelps 24177
Kevin Ray, Engineering and Technology  kray  24017
Olivia Richards, Spanish  orichards 24230
Rickie Rose, Asst. Principal
Sara Hiers Rowe, Science
shrowe 24203
Shane Russell, Dean/Asst. Athletic Director
Jennifer Schroeder, English
jschroeder 24164
Paula Shouse, English pshouse 24165
Amanda Sleet, Ivy Tech Psychology  asleet 24213
Stephanie Smith, FACS  ssmith   24102
Megan Steele, Educational Assistant    24227
Tonya Storck, English  tstorck  24166
Levi Thompson, Music/Band  lthompson  24118
Michael Thompson, Business Dept. Chair and ECHS
thompson 24202
Brian Todd, Social Studies Dept. Chair btodd 24119
Jane Townsend, Attendance jtownsend  24320
Roger Tyler, Music Dept. Chair rtyler 24101
Tyler Zerbe, English  tzerbe 24188